Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Pretty crappy picture of my outfit but my camera was playing up i havent alot of time!

Sleeveless Shirt  - Topshop
Leather Skirt - Topshop
Watch - Great Aunties.

Sorry the lack of posts this week, i have been very poorly and literary on left the sofa once to go to the doctors. But i am feeling alot better thank god. So really havent got anything more to say i have just watched alot of crappy tv and films all week and played 130 games of Boggle on my iPad Pahaha.

P.S Really thinking of poor Amanda Holden after losing her baby boy. I have met her so many times in my years beening a Britians Got Talent Groupie (My Friend works for them so i get to go when i want and get treated like a v.i.p Its great Haha) Cant even imagine what she must be going though so i am sending her and her family lots of love :) x 


  1. Hey Beautiful !!
    hope you are all right by now :) Love that picture, as well as the ones from last post. You have such an amazing hair!! I always wonder how you make your hair look so push up, hah !


  2. adorable picture! you are really pretty :)

  3. Cool picture! You're so so pretty!

    The Flower Girl


  4. Nice look!

  5. i picked up this top the other week, i love it! you look great

  6. SO jealous of your hair! i want it so so much, aarrggghh!!

    love your blog hon, check out mine if you want hon, we might have a bit in common :)

    a fashion blog by lydialee!


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